Pan European Terminals

  • Over 170,000m3 of storage located close to Major Transhipment Hubs
  • Strategic Location close to Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Antwerp (ARA) ports
  • Long-lasting history of a successful oil storage management

Pan European Terminals Ltd, operates hydocarbon refined product Storage and Transhipment Terminals In Aabenraa (Denmark) and Kallningrad City (Russia), jointly having over 170,000m3 of storage capacity with highly developed infrastructure for efficient loading/unloading and further sea or road transportation.


Our Storage and Operations

Pan European Terminals currently operate in Denmark and Russia. In Aabenraa (Denmark) Pan European Terminals Ltd (PET) is managing site with 160,000m3 storage tanks, two berths and four road truck loading stations for automatic bottom and top loading for all products. In Kaliningrad (Russia) PET Ltd is managing 12,000m3 oil storage site with highly developed rail and road infrastructure, allowing loading of 1,700 tons per swift.

About Us

Dan-Balt Tank Lager A/S

Pan European Terminals Ltd is a sole shareholder of Dan-Balt Tank Lager A/S based in Aabenraa port in Denmark, close to main European transportation Hubs, such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp as well as Kiel Canal. Dan Balt is a well established site with a total of 160,000m3 of tank storage and high quality infrastructure. The terminal has two berths, with 7m and 11m draft, and is capable of discharging and loading on a simultaneous basis, with loading speeds up to 1100 CBM per hour and unlimited discharge speeds through two insulated lines for fuel oil and up to three for gasoils. It also handles molasses and has a dedicated discharge line for this product. Four road truck loading stations are on site to handle automatic bottom loading and top loading for all products.

Loading Speed

Terminal has two jetties, 7m and 11m deep. Both can be used simultaneously, each with a loading speed of 1,100m3 per hours

Tank Capacity

Dan-Balt Tank Lager can hold up to 160,000m3 of product, allocating it among 10 on-site tanks


High level organisational management makes sure all processes run smoothly and with no delays


Storage Location

Baltic Top is located in a strategically advantageous location, convenient for retail gasoline and diesel providers.

Baltic Top

BALTIC TOP is a fully operational refined products terminal business owned 100% by Pan European, with storage capacity of approximately 12,000m3. The terminal handles gasoline and diesel on behalf of third party clients, such as Rosneft and Lukoil, which are delivered to the terminal by rail for storage and onward delivery to retail outlets in the Kaliningrad region. The operations of Baltic Top, which has 28 employees, are located on a 2.2 acre site, centrally located in the city of Kaliningrad. At the moment, the company has 7 tanks for storage of the main type of fuel with a total volume of 10,000m3 and 30 tanks for storing additional fuel, giving an opportunity to store up to 12 kinds of different products at the same time.


Storage Flexibility

Storage site can accommodate 12 types of fuel with a total volume of 12,000m3, giving necessary flexibility to distributers.



Highly professional team of 28 employees controls and executes working processes allowing 8 road truck stations to load over 1,000m3 per shift


Pan European Terminals Ltd

Clive House, 12-18 Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey, England, KT13 9XB

Dan-Balt Tank Lager A/S

Ă˜stre Havnevej 49 DK-6200
Aabenraa, Denmark

Baltictop LLC

2 Petrozavodskaya st. 236005
Kaliningrad, Russia

Chairman and Principal: Khofiz Shakhidi
Tel: +44 203 693 2586